are you ready for new year's eve?

i love having yummy food and playing games on new year's eve. i've never thrown a new year's party, but some day when we're not in a recession, i want to do just that. for now, getting together with family, chowing on some chinese food, and having great food while we compete in the game decathlon my husband made up will have to do.

interested in some recipes?

i don't have the step-by-steps for these (yet) but i thought i'd give you a heads up on what i'm planning to make, so you'll have some ideas for your own get-togethers. and by the way, these are good any time. not just for new year's!

here is what i'll be making tomorrow:
what are you having?

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Wonderer said...

Looks like you'll be busy tomorrow! So much fun, though! And I love your plans - a game decathalon - so cool!

We are going to a friend's party - it's a family-friendly party, and they've picked a mexican theme for food. Not sure yet what I'll bring (maybe I should decide, huh?). :-)