sunday dinner

growing up. every sunday.
roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, hot rolls, jell-o.
every sunday. i'm not exaggerating people. every sunday for my entire life. and i loved it. i still love it. you'd think i'd be tired of it by now, but i'm not. i don't think i ever will be. so the next few posts will be dedicated to sunday dinner. i do it a little different from my mom, but nothing significant (carrots instead of green beans, hot rolls that are not homemade, you get my drift). and she does it like my dad's mom, grandma larson did, so this is a multi-generational meal. but it gets expensive, so i don't make it more than a few times a year. my mom invites us several times a month anyway, so we eat it there for free (if you're not counting the $20 we spend in gas just to get there and back). so, if you want to learn how to make a super easy, super delicious sunday dinner, read on. i haven't finished all of the different pieces yet, so if there is only one or two recipes below, don't worry. the rest are on their way.

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