amy's or shalees's poppyseed bundt cake

when i lived with my parents, our neighbor came over to borrow things for cooking on a regular basis. usually they would bring back a sample for us to try. the best time was when they brought this bundt cake. ohhhh is it ever delish. i asked shalees for the recipe and i've been making it ever since. i found out on the 4th of july that shalees got the recipe from amy, her best friend and my sister's sister-in-law. small world. anyway, the fun thing about this cake is its versatility. you can combine almost any cake mix with almost any box of pudding and you're set. so let's get started.

for this recipe, you'll need a yellow cake mix, a small box of instant vanilla pudding, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup vegetable oil, 1 cup of water, and 2 tsp. of poppyseeds. simple enough, right?grease your bundt pan with crisco. i only had the butter-flavor kind on me, so that's why it's yellow instead of white. spread it all over really well.
then pour some sugar into the pan.
roll the sugar around until it coats the side of the pan, sticking to the crisco. then pour the excess back into your sugar bowl, you don't need more than what is coating the sides.
now get mixing. add your cake mix,
your pudding,
your eggs,
you water,
your oil,
and your poppyseeds.
now mix on low until it's all wet and blended a little.
now turn it up to medium/high and mix for 2 minutes.
it should be nice and fluffy. pour it carefully and evenly into your cake pan,
and put it into a pre-heated 350* oven
for 45 minutes.
when it's finished baking, it should be golden brown on top.
the sides should be pulled away so you can see the sugar coating the outside of it, like this.
let it cool for a few minutes, then dump it out on a plate (carefully).
once it's totally cool (or not, this is yummy when it's warm), sprinkle powdered sugar on top. i like to put it through my strainer because it comes out more fine instead of in clumps (and i don't have a sifter or i would've used that instead).
it is so good. enjoy!

shalees's (or amy's) poppyseed bundt cake

1 cake mix -- can use yellow, white, lemon, or chocolate
1 corresponding box of instant pudding (small) -- vanilla, french vanilla, lemon, or chocolate
4 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water
2 tsp. poppyseeds

grease and sugar a bundt pan. mix all ingredients together for 2 minutes. pour into the pan and bake at 350* for 45 minutes. sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.


Emilie Ahern said...

Oh WOWZA!!! That looks amazing. Wish I had some right now. Delish!

emily said...

It IS delish. And the best is, you can use any combination! That's my favorite part.

Rachel P said...

Hey, Em! So excited to see MY recipe on here. (Rachel showed me.) And yes, for the record, it is my recipe, not Shalees', so you may want to change your title. :)