sunday dinner: jell-o

the jell-o....ohhh the jell-o. so many different varieties, all enjoyed for sunday dinner. i love it. my mom used to make one with fruit and one without, because us kids never wanted the fruit...just the pure, delicious sugary jell-o. we couldn't be burdened by something healthy in the midst of our sugar. and on special occassions, she would add whipped cream, and it was like a dream come true. you gotta try it sometime (and guess what? this time i added fruit...for the first time in my life. and it was good). so let's get started. you'll need a package of jell-o, any kind, any size. some whipping cream, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar too.

i used raspberry this time. raspberry and black cherry are my favorite.

i put a bowl and beaters into the freezer to get cold (a tip from martha to help your cream whip faster...i don't know if it works, but i like the thought of it, and the cold bowl always feels nice).then make the jell-o according to package directions. one tip: instead of cold water, add ice cubes to help it set faster (this helps the whipping cream to mix better). for a small box i added 8 ice cubes.

then put the jell-o in the fridge to set up and get your bowl out of the freezer.mix about 4 ounces of whipping cream in the cold bowl,
and when it's almost whipped, pour a small amount (1/2 tsp.) vanilla in,
and then a few heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar. mix until whipped.

now get your jell-o out of the fridge, it should be pretty gloopy by now. umm....no, i don't know what gloopy means. but it should be starting to set a bit, not runny.add the jell-o in to your whipped cream,

and mix together until well blended.
like this. oooh, pretty. and runny.
now get your cute jell-o mold out (mine happens to be mickey mouse, thanks alice). and if you don't have one, any old bowl will do.
rinse a few fresh raspberries (i know, i can't believe i'm about to do this)
and put them in your mold. but wait. don't do it first like this. i told you this was my first time with fruit...add a little bit of jell-o first. then add the raspberries.
and the rest of the jell-o,
mmmmmboy. does that look good or what?
now put it in the fridge until dinnertime...at least 3 hours.
right before dinner, fill up your sink with hot water. set your mold in the hot water for 15 seconds,
then remove to a plate. peel off the top,
and voila!
an ugly, hideous, jell-o mold. see, i told you to not do the raspberries first.
i don't care what it looks like. it tasted divine.
by the way, this isn't dessert. this is served as part of the meal. so set out bowls and spoons!

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Peg said...

So the baby jello was for you huh? Good to know! Love Sunday dinner like this. I still do it every other week. We rotate baked chicken with the roast! YUMMY!