how to cut a green onion

this is how i do it. i know lots of people actually like the tops of green onions--the actual green part--but i like the bottoms. i think they taste better and have more flavor. more bang for your buck, as it were. so, this is how i do it.

first, i cut off the weird ends. the roots, i guess, is what they're probably called. throw them away.next, i peel off the outer layer. usually it's kind of yucky and dirty, so i just peel that sucker right off. throw that out too.next, i break off the tops. i'm not sure why i do this, but i think it's because it's easier to work with them when they're shorter. you can skip this step if you want. but if you do, just break them off about 2/3 of the way up and discard them.

then, wash. i usually use cold water and just rinse them well to make sure there's no surviving dirt on them. you can skip this if you want, but i would definitely do it if you don't plan on cooking them (putting them in a salad or something).
now lay them out on your cutting board with the bottoms even, and start slicing. i keep them thin because nobody likes to bite into a big chunk of onion.

and there you have it!green onions. try it. you'll like it.

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Jenn said...

I like the lower end of a green onion better too. Not sure why. In fact, when I was little my best friend and I would pick scallions (what they call green onions back on the east coast) and tear the root part off, then we would eat them raw, right out of the ground -- but we always threw the really green stuff away. Gooooood! =D