superbowl sunday menu

i love having yummy food on superbowl sunday. the actual superbowl i don't generally care about (except for this year--go austin collie!!!) but the food? that's me all the way. here is the menu i'm preparing for the big game this year:

jalapeno popper dip, from our best bites:

spinach artichoke dip, from freeze happy:

sweet & sour li'l smokies, from our best bites:

for the main course last year we did subs and i'm thinking we'll do them again. they were SO good. really good deli meat, piled high on bread from subway (i loooove subway's bread) and all the fixins. but if i change my mind, i might try the drip beef (the first way), from pioneer woman.

a yummy treat, that i haven't quite decided on yet. here are a few in the running:

frosty orange dream squares, from from our kitchen to yours:

black bottom banana cream pie, also from from our kitchen to yours (although this might not be fair since dave is allergic to bananas):

warm brownie cups, from light refreshments served:

or maybe just a brownie mix 'cause i'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. i'll let you know.

what are you planning?


April said...

i'm making some chicken fajitas with all the fixings!

i make a killer spinach artichoke dip.

i say you make that black bottom banana cream pie, and i'll get dave's share, because that just looks soooooooooo good!

Jack Attack said...

your menu looks good. i bookmarked the popper dip a few weeks ago with the superbowl in mind. it is so good. may do ham and swiss sliders or au jus. and of course, guacamole and chips. dessert-not too sure yet.

stephmodo said...

Lots of delicious choices :)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this week--that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said!