my version of applebee's clubhouse grill

i was a hostess at applebee's my junior year of high school. one of my favorite things to eat there was the clubhouse grill...basically just a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. here's my version. it's one of the only things i willingly eat at home for lunch. i would rather skip lunch most days if i can't go out. for some reason i don't really like lunch foods (unless it's a burger and fries).

basically, just butter your bread. on the non-buttered side, pour your favorite bbq sauce. put the pieces of bread together to spread the sauce and get some on both sides. then open and put your favorite cheese in (i used colby jack) followed by deli ham. applebees puts mayo and tomato on, but i leave those off. cook in a pan on the buttered side over medium heat until the cheese melts and the bread browns. enjoy!

so really, this is just a ham and cheese sandwich with bbq sauce. and it's SO good. make one today!

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