some magazine's breakfast casserole

i've posted this recipe before, but i thought i'd post the pictures for kicks. this recipe is very imprecise. is that even a word? well, i just made it up if it's not. you heard it here first. this is something that you just kind of throw together and BOY is it delicious. let's get started.

you'll need a package of frozen hashbrowns, sausage or ham (i used sausage here), green chile, chopped green pepper (i did not use either of these things because i didn't have them on hand, but don't let that stop you), onion, salt & pepper, ground mustard, eggs, whipping cream, and tomatoes.

start by dicing your onion (or more, if you're so inclined)...for instructions on dicing an onion, pioneer woman does it best. check it out here.
spray a square or 9x13 pan with pam. now here comes the impreciseness of it. pour some hashbrowns into the pan. how much you ask? i have no idea. some. fill it up about halfway, or maybe a little more. for a square pan, i use about half a package of hashbrowns.
now layer with your diced onions. on top of the onions you can add chopped green pepper and/or mushrooms as well.
and then the good stuff. this isn't in the original recipe, but if you're from new mexico, you'll understand. green chile just makes everything better. use hatch.
and spread those on good.
now chop your meat. i use sausage because dave loves it, but ham is just as good. i like to use the jimmy dean already cooked links, because that way you just chop and throw 'em in. but you could also use the tube of sausage and brown it like you would hamburger and add it that way. either way, the sausage should be cooked.
layer that on top of the green chiles.
next comes cheese. mmmmm, check out that mountain of cheese. my kids cannot resist a mountain of cheese like that. it disappears quickly.
add as much cheese as you like on top of the meat. i add lots, probably about a cup for a square pan.

now for the eggs. for a square pan, use 4 eggs. for 9x13, i use 6. crack them into a bowl,
then add 1/4 cup of whipping cream for every 2 eggs you use (4 eggs = 1/2 cup, 6 eggs = 3/4 cup)

then add this stuff. i have no idea how much, because the recipe doesn't say. it just says to add it. i have no idea what it's for or even what it tastes like, but who am i to dispute the all-knowing recipe writers? so i add some. a few shakes worth.like this. and i add salt & pepper here too.
then use a fork and mix together well.
now pour this on top of your cheesiness.
like this. get it around the edges, and do it slowly so that it doesn't overflow over the side of your pan. let it sink inbetween the meat and potatoes.
now start slicing your tomato. for a square pan, 1 tomato is probably enough, but not for a 9x13. have two on hand just in case.

i do NOT like tomatoes. at all. but they are SO SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS on this casserole. even if tomatoes is on your list of throw-up foods, ADD IT. you will not be sorry. lay your tomatoes evenly over the top of the casserole.

like this. isn't it pretty?
one more picture for good measure.

yep, pretty.

now toss it in a 350* oven for an hour. the recipe says 45-55 minutes, but that's never enough time. you want a knife inserted in the center to come out clean. sometimes i turn my oven up to 375* for the last 15 minutes. sometimes i don't. whatever.

here's the finished product:

it doesn't last long around here. i make this for dinner sometimes just for fun, but it's really fun to do for a sunday brunch or christmas morning. we make it the night before and put it in the fridge, then pop it in the oven first thing in the morning.enjoy!!

some random magazine's breakfast casserole (with additions by me):
frozen hash browns
green chile
sausage or ham
chopped green pepper (i don't add these 'cause i don't like 'em)
sliced mushrooms (i don't add these 'cause dave doesn't like 'em)
grated cheddar cheese
tomatoes, sliced
whipping cream
ground mustard

choose your pan size, and pour frozen hash browns into the bottom--lots of them. then layer diced onions, green chile, green pepper, mushrooms, ham or sausage, and then add cheese (as much as you want). in a separate bowl mix eggs and whipping cream: use 1/4 cup of whipping cream for every 2 eggs. add to that mixture salt, pepper, and ground mustard to taste. i use 4 eggs for a square pan, 5 or 6 for a 9x13. pour the egg mixture on top of the casserole and add sliced tomatoes on top. they shrink, so put lots of them close together. bake at 350* for at least an hour. a knife inserted in the center should come out clean. this is obviously not a precise recipe, but you can fiddle with it and do whatever you want (we added the green chile on a whim and it was a great choice). i also like to make it the night before so i can just pop it into the oven in the morning.


J Fo said...

Mmmmmm...that would be a fun sat. sitting around breakfast. But who's to say you couldn't make it for brinner? I think I might. Although I am still skeptical about the tomatoes, I'll trust you. My family has the BEST breakfast casserole! We only make it for Christmas morning for some reason. Maybe I'll break that tradition some time...

April said...

Yummy! I made this for dinner tonight and loved it. Thanks Emily!

Jenn said...

Mmm... I'm a sucker for breakfast casseroles so I'm definitely going to try this one! It is sounding pretty good right about now! =) hehe