chicken-sausage-rice casserole

okay, so i have never been able to make this as good as my mom, but it's easy and dave loves it (again, sausage), so i thought i'd post about it and you can decide for yourselves. remember, i halve all of my recipes because we can't eat as much, so i'm only showing you half, but you can do the full amount if you have a lot of people to feed, or don't have a square 8x8 pan, or whatever. so let's get started: you need a package of chicken, a tube of jimmy dean sausage, minute rice, and onion. start by boiling your chicken for 30 minutes or until no longer pink.
try not to do this: (boil the water over the edge). it makes a huge mess and it makes me mad.
squeeze your sausage into a pan,
and brown over medium heat until no longer pink.
like this:
now dice half of an onion (or a quarter if you're doing half the recipe). i can't stand chopping onions so i use this little chopper/food processor.
remove your browned sausage to a paper plate lined with paper towels to drain. sorry about the dark picture.
now this is important: remove your chicken from the pan, but KEEP THE WATER. don't dump it out.

shred your chicken into the bottom of your 9x13 or 8x8 pan,
then add the sausage,
and 1 cup of rice.
now here's where i always go wrong. you have to pour your chicken-water onto the casserole. i never get the right amount of water. i either don't do enough, and the rice is crispy, or i do too much, and it's soggy.
that's why i'm hesitant to share this recipe with you, because there is no exact way for me to explain how much water to add. so just pour the water until the rice is covered (with water). like this:
throw it in the oven for an hour at 350*.
and here it is: dave loves it, i do not.
but if you serve it with pioneer woman's green beans, you can't go wrong.

chicken sausage rice casserole

1 package of chicken strips
1 tube jimmy dean original sausage
1/2 onion, diced
1 cup of minute rice
chicken water

boil chicken for 30 minutes or until no longer pink. brown the sausage until no longer pink, then remove to a paper plate lined with paper towels to drain. dice your onion. remove chicken from water, but DO NOT POUR IT OUT. shred your chicken into the bottom of your pan, then add the sausage and onion. pour on the cup of minute rice, and pour the chicken water on top until all the rice is covered with water. cook at 350* for 1 hour or until the water is all gone.


Diane Owen said...

If your family likes sausage they would probably like my sausage macaroni...I gave the recipe to Debbie when she asked for recipes. If you want it let me know. Its tasty.

ellen said...

it's my favorite casserole, can't get enough. but it does not look good in that picture

lynette said...

how did the green beans taste?

emily said...

sooo good lynette, i make them at least once a week now.