alice's steak sandwiches with au jus

i got this recipe a few years ago from my sister alice and it's quickly become a staple in our house. it's so easy and sooo good. let's get started. you'll need a sirloin steak (this package had 2 in it, i thought it was just one). one big-gish steak is enough for 4 sandwiches. you'll need a crock-pot, salt and pepper, onion salt, and beef broth or bullion.i lay my steaks on waxed paper.then i cover both sides in salt, pepper, and onion salt.
then i lay them in a crock-pot
like this.
you need 2 cups of beef broth or bullion.
pour it on top of the steaks
like this.
now cover, and cook on low all day. you can cook it on high for 3-4 hours too, but the steak won't be as fall-apart tender.this is after 8 hours of cooking. it looks disgusting in this picture, but in real life it looks delish, i promise.
a few minutes before you're ready to eat, chop up an onion like this:put it in a pan on medium heat with a little butter to sautée. get the steaks out onto a plate and start shredding them with 2 forks
usually they just fall apart...this one didn't. but it should look something like this when you're done.
how are those onions coming? good? okay, put them in a bowl.
now take a ladle, dip it into the leftover juice,
and strain it into a ramekin.
like so.
dave likes miracle whip and mustard on his, so have those on hand. i serve mine on sara lee deli rolls, because i think they're yummy. you can probably use anything you want, even regular old bread.
assemble your sandwich (can you tell i like sautéed onions?)...
...dip, and enjoy!
alice's steak sandwiches with au jus
1 steak
salt, pepper, onion salt
2 cups of beef broth
1 onion
deli rolls
cover steaks in salt, pepper, and onion salt. put in crock-pot with broth and cook on low 8 hours. tear steak apart, strain the beef broth, and serve on deli rolls with sautéed onions.

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lynette said...

Mmm, mmm, good! Makes my mouth water!
I love this idea! I'd love to be a guest blogger sometime!